Out on the box Form Affirmation in Magento

Let’s create each of our javascript file and install it in the js folder. All we want to do now is consist of our validation set of scripts. We’ll do of which using Magento’s addJs method which will add the javascript file to your website’s head.
You can do that from any structure see this preferably your module’s layout report, Magento did it into their theme’s layout page called page. Xml located throughout app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/page. Xml.
In case you would like to add your personalized validation rule, just create some sort of javascript file having any name you desire in js folder of your Magento installation. I’ll show you how to achieve this in the subsequent example.

Let’s look at this example of affirmation in Magento. I also took a while to extract many validation rules you need to use, and their error message. You can obtain the SugarCRM UK methods yourself simply by looking in js/prototype/validation. Js on brand 414
Hope this clears some things up for you. At the very least, you now have a list of all validation classes in Magento.
Say you need to modify among the validation rules, the best way will be to create a method which has a same name along with load it as soon as the original method. This way, all calls could be redirected to your method rather than the original. Just be mindful if you’re overriding validation rules such as this, because javascript is just client-side validation. You may get your server confirm the field likewise - which can cause some errors although the value inside field was entered and the choice of wanted.
So, be sure to check your validation principle. For our functions, we’ll override magento programmers validate-email method. We want it acknowledge only email details ending with @gmail.com.
Magento employs Prototype library to handle form validation. This comes inside handy, because all you should do when writing custom form is to assign a appropriate class names for a input fields, and pass the form id to VarienForm object.

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